Regulations (english)

Regulations (english) Favrskov Bibliotekerne

Library Card
You may register as a borrower at any branch of Favrskov Public Libraries by inquiring in person. Please bring your medical insurance card (the yellow “sundhedskort”) or, alternatively, your passport or driver’s license. Most people choose to use their medical insurance card as their library card. However, a separate card is available upon request.

When registering you will be asked to choose a personal four-digit identity number (PIN-code).

Your card may only be used by you personally and you will be held responsible for any books or other items taken out from the library and registered to it.

If you lose your library card or your medical insurance card, please advise the library immediately in order to minimize the risk of abuse. A new library card costs DKK 20,-. A new medical insurance card costs DKK 175,-

Please inform Favrskov Public Libraries of any change of postal address, email address or telephone number.

Self service
Favrskov Public Libraries are self service libraries. You yourself register, at one of our self service counters, all items borrowed or returned. However, staff will always be happy to assist you.

Held items are normally collected by you yourself from our reservations shelves. Please remember to bring your library or medical insurance card, your PIN-code, and the reservation number which you have received (by letter, email or text message).

Held items can only be registered to the log of the card holder who made the reservation.

The standard loan period is 31 days. Certain items, such as DVD’s, electronic games, and magazines, may only be borrowed for 10 days. These items will always be clearly marked but in case of doubt, please check your receipt.

Upon return, loans are cleared from your log, although for the next four weeks Favrskov Public Libraries have access to all data pertaining to a loan. Subsequent to this, all data are cleared.

In certain cases, Favrskov Public Libraries reserve the right to keep data for a longer period of time (this is the case with “Bogen Kommer”, a special service for elderly and disabled people).

Favrskov Public Libraries reserve the right to place a maximum limit on the number of items a borrower may take out and/or place on hold.

Overdue loans
14 days past due date, Favrskov Public Libraries issue a return request by either letter or email. You may also register for an additional automatic notification which is sent by email or text message 2 days prior to the due date.

Overdue loans trigger a penalty fee regardless of whether or not you have received a notification and/or return request. Fee rates are set by the municipal council according to age: Borrowers under 16 years of age are regarded as children, borrowers of 16 years of age or older as adults:


1-7 days, children DKK 10,-
1-7 days, adults   DKK 20,-
8-14 days, children DKK 30,-
8-14 days, adults DKK 40,-
15-35 days, children DKK 50,-
15-35 days, adults DKK 80,-
36 days or more, children    DKK 120,-
36 days or more, adults  DKK 200,-

Items still not returned 35 days past due date or returned in damaged condition, trigger a fee corresponding to the cost of replacement. After 2 weeks any unpaid replacement fees are turned over to the municipal collection agency.
You may incur additional collection fees.

If replaced items are returned within a year from the date of replacement and in undamaged condition, the replacement fee (though not the penalty fee) is refunded.

Loss of privileges
Borrowers who owe Favrskov Public Libraries DKK 200,- or more may lose their privileges until all fees are paid. Other causes for exclusion include repeated non-returning of items or repeated returning of damaged items

Notification of loss of privileges will normally be given, although Favrskov Public Libraries reserve the right to exclude a user without prior notification.

Borrowers or guests who fail to behave according to public order, or disregard instructions given by the library staff may be evicted from the premises.

Damage to borrower's equipment
Favrskov Public Libraries disclaim all responsibility for any damage to personal electronic equipment caused by borrowed CD’s, DVD’s or electronic games.