Open libraries

Welcome to Open Libraries

Open Libraries is a self-service concept where visitors access the library themselves during un-serviced opening hours.
The information on this page applies to all four Open Libraries in Favrskov.
Supplementary information is available at each library respectively.

How to obtain access
You can obtain access to Open Libraries if you have been registered as an Open Library user. This registration is carried out by our staff. Open Library access status registration for children and young people under 16 requires parental consent.
To access the library, insert your library card or medical insurance card into the card reader and enter your PIN-code. Alternatively, enter your CPR-number followed by your PIN-code. In Hadsten, Hammel and Hinnerup you will at times be required to go through the access procedure at both the main entrance and the library entrance.
If you are accompanied by others you will be held responsible for their behaviour while on the premises. Therefore, only allow people you trust to enter the library with you. The name and CPR-number of each registered person accessing Open Libraries will be recorded in a data-log.
Surveillance cameras are placed at the entrance and inside the library, partly to ensure the safety of visitors, partly to protect the library and its property against theft, vandalism, etc. All video recordings are handled according to the laws regarding video surveillance.
During un-serviced opening hours the doors are locked. Upon accessing the library you will be responsible for all aspects of your self service while on the premises.

Self service
During self service hours, most of the regular library facilities are available to you. These include borrowing and returning items, collecting held items, reading the daily news-papers, magazines and using the computers and the internet.
Printing and copying is subject to a fee. Consult your local library regarding payment.
Returning items
When returning items via the self-service machines, it is important to follow the instructions displayed on the screen. You will be prompted to place the items on the ’return shelves or carts’, or to insert them into the black box via the attached chute next to the self-service machine. Check the screen or your receipt to ensure that all items have been properly returned.
Borrowing items
When borrowing items via the self-service machines, you are obliged to check your receipt to verify that all items have been processed to your personal log. All our materials are anti-theft secured. If you leave the library with incomplete loans an alarm is triggered, in which case you will need to check your receipt again and properly borrow the remaining items.
Collecting held items
When you are notified of a reserved item ready to be collected, you will also receive a unique collection number. All held items are sorted numerically and placed on the proper collection shelves. Please note that DVD’s, games and CD’s are grouped separately (except in Hammel). When you have retrieved your items you must borrow them via one of the self-service machines.

Penalty fees
Accumulated penalty fees are automatically transferred for later payment, either at your next visit to the library during serviced opening hours, or via your personal log at

Assistance during out of hours
If you need assistance during un-serviced opening hours you place a call to one of the other libraries or to Biblioteksvagten, the national online query service, which also can assist with practical matters.
Information regarding phone numbers and opening hours: check with your local library.
The phones may also be used for emergency calls 112.

Staff assistance during opening hours
During regular opening hours our staff is ready to assist you in finding the material or information you need, to help you reserve, borrow and return items, to provide assistance regarding public service matters and purchasing tickets etc. Please check the serviced opening hours on the back of this pamphlet.

Your library and mine
The concept of Open Libraries is based on mutual trust between the library and its users. All visitors are encouraged to look after the library and maintain good order and discipline. Keep in mind that the library is our mutual property, a source of benefit and pleasure for all. Be aware that any incident of vandalism will be reported to the Police. Abuse will result in exclusion.

Windows and doors
For security reasons all windows and doors (other than the main door) must remain closed.

Vacating the library at closing time
Visitors will be notified prior to closing time via the PA system. If you fail to vacate the library at closing time an alarm is triggered alerting the Security Guard Service. If the alarms sounds:  LEAVE THE LIBRARY.

The daily newspapers
We make every effort to provide you with the various daily newspapers as early as possible on any given day.
However, on days with no staff on the premises, newspapers may not always be readily available.

Limited access during events
In the event of large conferences, concerts or functions, Favrskov Libraries reserve the right to limit access to our branches in Ulstrup and Hadsten during un-serviced opening hours. Notifications will be posted by the door.

Opening hours:
Hadsten: Sun-Thurs 7-22, Fri and Sat 7-18
Hammel: Sun-Sat 7-22
Hinnerup: Sun-Thurs 6-22, Fri and Sat 6-18
Ulstrup: Sun-Sat 8-22
On days prior to a holiday, Hinnerup and Hadsten libraries close at 18.
Serviced opening hours:
Hadsten: Mon-Wed 10-18, Thurs 13-18, Fri 10-16 Sat 10-13*
Hammel: Mon 10-19, Tues-Thurs 10-17, Fri 12-17, Sat 10-13*
Hinnerup: Mon-Thurs 10-19, Fri 10-16, Sat 10-13*
Ulstrup: Mon 10-15, Thurs 15-19, Fri 10-15
* 1.9.-30.4.